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Digital art exhibit



Briefly, a PUMP-UP is a five minute motivation call specifically catered to something you want to do/get done on that day.
Each five minute 

is $8

Digital art exhibit


Step 1


Email me at


Write "PUMP-UP" in the subject        line

Step 3

* Include your phone number at the bottom of the email.

* Include a time for a:

  Wednesday between 9:30am            and 10:30am EST


  Thursday between 8:30 am and      9:30 am EST

      You will receive a confirmation text with a payment link.

Step 2



Answer the following three questions in the email:

1) What do you want to be PUMPED-UP to do?

2) How long have you wanted to do it?

3) How would you feel if you achieved it?



Coming Soon:

A video explaining in more detail what a PUMP-UP is.

You will find it in the video page on the menu bar.

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